The Queen's Progress

I've made some more progress on her other shoulder, it would be nice if I can get this done in a week so I can move on to appliqueing them and finishing up the dress. Anyway, while I'm trying to make these mirror images also can't help improving on what I learned last time.  A few things of note:
  • Do as much of the couching of the bullion as possible at the end - it's too easy for threads to get stuck in it and pull the bullion out, stretching the wire and messing things up.  In some cases, like the "glow" around the sword, I need to do it first so I can have the lion's paws on the sword but the manes and tails I'm going to leave til the end.
  • So planning what goes in front of what is obviously important too.
  • Metallic thread whether embroidery or not is a pain in the ass, lots more tangles etc than regular thread or other embroidery colors.
  • Use the same method for applying the jump rings as for applying beads or pearls.  I get two on my thread, stitch them down, bring the thread back through the last one then attach the next two.
  • Using the above method - for very curved pieces like the tails do only 2-3 beads at a time, for longer straighter pieces up to 6 beads can be done at a time.


  1. Are you using Thread Heaven on your metalic thread, it helps.

    1. I'm not, tell me more Meg! Anything that can help would be appreciated! :P

    2. It is a conditioner for threads that helps prevent twist, fraying, breakage for hard to handle threads like metallic, silk, etc. Your threads will pull through fabric like a dream and look better when you are done. It has saved my sanity many a time and I keep the little blue boxes in all my sewing kits. Goodness, I sound like an ad, but I do love the stuff. You can buy it on Amazon if you can't find it locally. I should have said this earlier but your work is beautiful!

    3. Definitely going to have to get me some of that! I've avoided a lot of breaking but the fraying, and especially fraying when sewing/embroidering on/near the bullion has been a pain. The wire of the bullion just shreds the threads.


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