Winging it

My kids have been sick for the past 5 days so not a whole lot has been happening around here.  I did monkey around with some wing ideas for the diablesse costume for Myth Masque though.  First I tried the cellophane fairy wing method I'd done a while back, but that just didn't work out. 

Oddly enough the red cellophane I was using reacted very differently from the blue/green I'd tried on my first go around - it puckered and shrank but didn't actually adhere at all - so frustrating!  But it also just wasn't the right look for what was going for. 

So I tried out this method that I'd heard about on the Shear Madness FB page but  I made the framework out of black wire and floral tape instead of masking tape.  The wing membranes end up surprisingly strong.  I'm not totally happy with the color and may paint the whole thing black...or red...but I like how spooky they look!

One down, one to go!