Creepy Pitchfork How-to

I'm a big fan of accessories.  I really think accessories can take a costume from good to fabulous.  So with that in mind I decided my husband and I really needed some pitchforks for our Myth Masque devil costumes.  Sure there are cool light up ones from the Halloween Store but that just didn't seem to go with our costumes.  I thought about a bunch of different construction techniques and then just had the eureka that I could use basically the same technique I used for the wings on the pitchwork and come up with something really different looking and creepy that would go well with what I'd already made.

So basically this is a paper mache project with a dowel and wire as the base.  I used:
  • a dowel - size is your own preference
  • wire, stiff enough not to bend too easily
  • masking tape
  • floral tape
  • modge podge
  • black and red paint

I wrapped wire around the dowel, forming the tines of the fork as I went.  It's okay if it's not too secure to the dowel, the modge podge and tapes will fix that. 

Then I started wrapping masking tape on it.  I only used the masking tape to hold the wire to the dowel and to create larger organic shapes.  I sort of crinkled it to create bumps so it looks more claw like.  Then I covered the masking tape with floral tape.  I twisted and pressed the floral tape so it would stick to itself but again, don't worry too much if it's coing apart a bit, the modge podge fixes that.  Make sure you have at least 1 whole roll of floral tape, it takes a lot to cover it!


Then I coated the whole thing with a thick layer of modge podge.

Then I gave it a base coat of black so any bits of masking tape or dowel would be covered.

Then I painted the whole thing red.  I tried to be kind of random in how much color went on each area to make it look more organic.  And that's it!


  1. I love this technique. I'm going to use it for Neptune's trident in The Little Mermaid!


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