Cersei and Sansa and Daenerys, oh my!

Just thought I'd give a little heads up that in addition to Simplicity, McCalls has also come out with a few Game of Thrones patterns.  This one is a version of the standard King's Landing gown that Cersei, Sansa and Ros wear, as well as the off-the shoulder variant Cersei sometimes wears:

And this one looks like a nice base for these costumes of Daenerys':

I could even imagine that mixing the two together might work for this one of Sansa's:

And finally, if you're interested in getting an inside look at the the Simplicity GoT pattern Andrea Schewe has an intresting blog entry on her pattern and a tip on an alternate construction method for the pattern.


  1. Of the King's Landing dresses, I think I like the Simplicity one better - McCall's skirt is a little skimpy for my taste.

    1. I'm with you. I also think Simplicity generally has less ease built into their patterns than Butterick and McCalls, which means their fitted bodices generally fit a bit better.

    2. But I'm happy both companies came up with patterns for these dresses and thought it would be good to spread the word.


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