By the sea

I managed to do some significant sewing the other day.  Effie is still in the naughty corner so I worked on something I've had on the back burner for a while now - another seaside bustle gown!  I've had this nice cotton/silk blend shirting fabric in the stash forever with the idea of doing a stripey bustle gown.  It's the perfect fabric for warm LA picnics/beach events  - totally washable and cool and light. Anyway, I thought if I could find a decent eyelet it would be a great fabric to use to make a gown like the one on the left.  So when I found a somewhat similar eyelet at JoAnn's I decided to go for it.  I had to tea dye it to get it closer to the off white of the stripes (it actually matches much better than it looks in these photos)  but I think the circles echo the original fairly well.


 I'm mostly taking my inspiration from that plate above but will probably modify things a bit.  I'm thinking maybe a v-neck with a lace ruffle...we shall see.  I thought it was interesting that this other seaside plate on the left is so similar - another pairing of stripes and eyelet, but this one has the eyelet on top and the stripes underneath. Anyway, I have a lot of the stripe so I should have enough of the left that I could do yet another seaside gown but one more like the plate on the right.  They're a bit narrower stripes, but I think they'd work, and I have a nice navy linen in the stash to go with it.


The skirt is about 3/4 of the way done, just some hemming, the waistband and the tapes inside to add.  I used the TV asymmetrical skirt pattern and will probably modify one of the TV bodice patterns to make the bodice.  Pics to come once I've got a bit more done and it's daylight.


  1. Le Swoon and Le Sigh!! You have hit on my one true weaknesses in costuming...Sailor Suit/Seaside dresses...And I so love all of your inspiration images! I cannot wait to see your dress! It will be so lovely I just know it!! Get sewing!!! ;-)


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