Jane Austen Evening Ball and Tea

So yesterday was the annual Jane Austen evening here in Pasadena.  I went with friends to the tea and the ball.  Life has been complicated lately so I didn't make anything new, but I love my old bright yellow silk/cotton gown and wearing the spencer with it for the tea and the open robe for the ball made it feel like two totally different outfits.

My tea look

My ball look

I had a wonderful time. There were good friends

There was silliness...

Jane Austen Unscripted was hilarious!

Ermahgerd, Mr. Darcy's here?!

 Pretty costumes...

These pretty young things had the giggles
Love the stripes!

and of course, dancing!

You can see all my pictures from the event here on flickr.


  1. Oh what delicious fun!!! And you looked marvelous!!!

  2. Replies
    1. You need to come down next year, we all had a blast.

  3. You look wonderful! I hope to make it to the Jane Austen ball in the mountains this year!

    1. Thank you! That sounds like fun, love to see the pics of it.

  4. I was there too! I remember all these outfits. Everyone looked so great! A fun evening for sure.


    1. How cool is that? Your dress looks wonderful. Maybe we'll meet up there next year!

  5. Dear Loren,
    Some events look like especial successes, and this was certainly one of them. Such clearly happy faces! The bit on stage looks a howl. I am trying to figure out what's happening with the men onstage, and have decided they are dismounting -- or falling -- from their horses.

    Very best,



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