Costuming is Coming...

There are a bunch of costumes that I've been itching to work on lately - mostly Victorian and Georgian... but really my thoughts have been on Game of Thrones - it's due to start back up in April 6th and I can't wait!   Aside from the fact that the pre-Raphaelite medieval look has always been a favorite of mine, I'm just amazed at the level of detail they've gone into for these costumes.  And I'm psyched that there are some people interested in joining in on the fun for Costume College!   

For those of you wanting to see a sneak peek of the next season's costumes - a series of stills from the new season has just been released, I'm loving this one of the Red Viper and Ellaria Sand of Dorne.

You can see the rest of the pictures here.

Some of you may even be able to see the costumes up close and personal -  Time Warner Cable Studios has an exhibit of props, costumes and even the Iron Throne at Game of Thrones: The Exhibit
 in New York City until February 1st then at:
- Mexico City: February 15-19
- Austin at SXSW®: March 7-11
- Rio de Janeiro: April 5-9
- Oslo: April 26-30
- Toronto: May 14-18
- Belfast: TBD
- Vancouver: August 16 – September 1

I made a mock up of the bodice of the Simplicity pattern for Cersei's gown.  As per usual with "Big Three" patterns, there is a lot of ease.  In addition to my usual adjustments (for sloped shoulders, large cup size and long waist) I had to go down a size to get the fitted look I was hoping for.  I'm also going to alter the simplicity pattern to have a wrap (or perhaps a half-wrap) opening.  The pattern has a concealed side zip which is flattering and preserves the lines of the original but I think I like the fullness in the skirt that a true wrap will give.  You can see the overlap of fabric in this image of Cersei's aqua gown here.

And finally I made a Pinterest board with a bunch of images of GoT costumes, both male and female.  If you're interested in joining the group at Costume College but haven't yet decided which costume to make you may find some inspiration there.


  1. Did you see this. It's mind blowingly beautiful.

  2. I just realized that I posted a link that you already had in your post. Duh, that's what I get for reading so fast. I always get distracted by the pretty pretty pictures.


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