The Costume College haul

I just remembered I forgot one important part in the Coco wrap up - the haul! Actually there was much less shopping this year compared to past years, in large part because Mela wasn't selling hats this time. But I did manage to pick up some great buttons - little silver stars and other silver ones with a sort of pimpernel flower on them. I also got some fun rainbow-y trim.

The blond curl in the photo is from Judy and AJs hairpiece class, while it's my first attempt I can see many more pieces in my future. The pearl necklace and earrings are from the Cavalier necklace class I took, it's not perfect but at least I have the rudiments of knotting down now.

Best of all my friend Alyxx made me an amazing muff cover with a crow on it for my birthday and also gave me some very pretty black silk with white flowers, thanks again Alyxx!



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