And now for something completely different: Portal 2 costume

So today I modded stuff for the Portal 2 costume that I'm making my son's video game themed birthday. I used this guy's instrucable on how he made the jumpsuit and gun as my starting point as well as the source for the jumpsuit base. Just in case someone else wants to make this (or something similar) I thought I'd mention what I did and the supplies I used.

Fabric spray paint, fabric markers and quilting basting spray

First I went online and found a large image of the Aperture logo.  I enlarged it even more on the copier then made a stencil by tracing over the logo with an exacto blade on a transparency sheet.  I then sprayed the stencil with quilting basting spray so it wouldn't move then used spray fabric paint in white to paint the logo.  I hadn't used the stay fabric paint before but it worked really well, I did only two coats but got pretty complete coverage. The original jumpsuit has long sleeves with white stripes at the elbow and patches.  I may add the patches and other trim later (or not) and had the brilliant idea that I can use the bottom of the pants part of the jumpsuit (which is WAY too long for C) to make long sleeves - and if I join the two together with white fabric I've got my stripes!

Jumpsuit with logo added

 For the shirt I used this instructable as a jumping off point.  I used a plain white t-shirt for C instead of the sleeveless one Chell has, he never wears sleeveless shirts so I wasn't sure how comfortable he'd be in one.  I set up my handy portable Ott light under a glass topped table we have to create a makeshift light table.  Then I put a transparency on top of the logo and in between the layers of the shirt so I wouldn't get ink on the back and traced "Aperture Laboratories" and the logo with a black fabric pen.  While it's a little hurky jerky looking up close I think it looks fine from a short distance.

Aperture t-shirt

This was easy and cheap enough (I had everything save the jumpsuit) that I'm thinking I'd like to make one for myself!  I've already been pondering how to make the long fall boots and have a few ideas...