Costume College Continued - Saturday Day: Curtain-Along

So I've finally gotten to Saturday, my this certainly has taken me a long time!   During the day on Saturday was the Curtain-Along meet up, which I'd been looking forward to for a while as I still had not worn my curtain dress!  Along with the dress I wore my Target Shabby Chic curtain petticoat, which seemed hilariously apropos, some mitts I bought long ago at Fort Frederick Market Fair from April Thomas and my 18th C bonnet a la Taylor.   Interestingly enough I ended up wearing the massively tall wig I wore with the Robe a la Turque with the bonnet, it just didn't look right without a tall wig underneath.

Here we are in chronological order from earliest to latest
The Curtain-Along meet up was so much fun!  I loved seeing all the different outfits, colorways and time periods represented.

I'm afraid I didn't take many other shots during the day on Saturday other than these few at the meet up.  But I made up for it by taking LOTS of photos at the Gala, which is up next!