Costume college continued - Friday's Ice Cream Social

At long last!  Sorry I'm so very late with this, life's been busy around here with lots of end of summer activities with the family...

Some of the photos are mine but where I didn't get a good one I've included some that the con photographer Andrew Schmidt took.  You should check out the link if you want to see all of his coco photos, they're great!

During the day on Friday a bunch of us wore 18th C riding habits or redingotes.  I missed the big group but managed to find a few friends to get some professional ones taken a little later.

Andrew Schmidt: Costume College 2013 (1 of ?) &emdash;

I didn't actually manage to take that many pictures during the day but I got some nice ones at the Ice Cream Social.  You've seen the photos I posted of our 18th Villains group already but I had to post a few more that Andrew Schmidt took since he got such great shots:

A full length of Cruella, I lied a bit when I said the muff was done for the HSF.  It WAS done for more pedestrian purposes but I added removable "mink" tails for the Cruella version to make it more like the handbag she carries.
Andrew Schmidt: Costume College 2013 (1 of ?) &emdash; Andrew Schmidt: Costume College 2013 (1 of ?) &emdash;

Snarling Villains!
Andrew Schmidt: Costume College 2013 (1 of ?) &emdash;

18th C Disney Princesses vs Villains!
Andrew Schmidt: Costume College 2013 (1 of ?) &emdash;

 As usual the Ice Cream Social was a feast for the eyes. I think while the Gala is the event everyone wears the show-stopper costume for, the Ice Cream Social has become the event one wears the fun or  costume to.  Here are a few of the better shots I got:

Vanessa's Candy-striped Georgian and ginormous pink Gainsborough

Kendra and Merja's Redingotes a la Marie Antoinette

Aimee's "Kiss the Girl" Ariel

Katherine's Angry Birds gown

Amy's adorable Captain America bathers

Aubry's pink Regency Open Robe

Coming up Next - Saturday: the curtain-along and the Gala!


  1. I love the redingotes, and the 18th Century Cruella! I really need a redingote now, in blue, as it is my favourite colour!


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