I came up with a rather dastardly plan for the Costume College Ice Cream Social, sorry, no more info right now as it's a secret, but I'm quite excited about it.  So I've been working on plans for that which involve a little alteration of an existing costume and some accessory fabrication/acquisition.  And everything is going according to plan - rubs hands together with glee...

My gala costume is the black bird so that's finished, but I also started work on the Robe a la Turque to go with the Tostada Hat.  I'd looked in my stash and been rather amazed to see I had pretty much exactly the fabric I needed to do this particular colorway of the
fashion plate:


A limited amount of the pink/white changable silk taffeta and some dark teal/aqua silk taffeta, which I have TONS of.  I'm trying harder to make things mix n match these days so whether it's accurate or not I'm making the pink part a round gown separate from the aqua over gown and making the cuffs easily removable.  I used my basic 18th C body block for the pink gown and it's more than half way done. Today I draped the funnel sleeves for the over gown and then set to work draping the rest - and it went really well!  I'm assuming this style of Turque is cut similarly to the polonaise so I read Kendra's oh-so-wonderful Polonaise article in Dress and looked at the three plates of this Turque which (A Most Beguiling Accomplishment conveniently has all on one blog entry) to try to get the lines right.  I need to tweak things some more but I think I'm getting close to having a working pattern.  Once I get more done I'll post some pics.  Added bonus - If I get it finished soon it can count for the HSF Eastern Influence Challenege, yay!

Incidentally, I mentioned it before but though it worth mentioning again, I've found this book very helpful for step-by-step instructions for draping historic costumes, added bonus, there's menswear too!