I had SUCH fun going to see Austenland yesterday.  An invite to a preview of the movie went out to LA area costumers and I was most happy to oblige!  I wore my new military inspired Spencer (thanking my stars once again I'd made it out of linen rather than wool as it was about 90 degrees out) and the dress made from a sari I got from the Bohemian Belle along with my Mela hat.  I felt every bit the Austen Villainess.  Why Villainess you ask?  Because in the Austen movies only bad girls wear THAT shade of red! ;)


 I met up with a bunch of local costumers and we settled in to watch the show.  The movie was really such fun - one of those movies that both pokes fun of something and IS the thing it pokes fun of.  It was very funny, charming and sweet and I think was particularly entertaining when seen with like-minded friends who could get all the Janeite jokes.  Jennifer Collidge was hilarious and I've been a fan of James Callis since BSG and was happy to see him playing such a fun comic role in Austenland (He's the sandy mustache gent with the really pointy sideburns in the preview.)  Oh, costumers take note, the red riding habit worn by Lady Amelia was also worn by Natasha Little as Becky Sharp in the BBC production of Vanity Fair. 

After the movie was over there was a little reception with tea, tea sandwiches and cookies and Austenland schwag.  We all got "What would Jane do?" tea cups, "I <3 Mr. Darcy" t-shirts and totebags, and copies of Austenland.  Oh, and we got to pose with Mr. Darcy!


The exceedingly handsome actor, Ricky Whittle, who played Captain George East told us some funny tales of the making of the movie (I hope there are LOTS of extras on the DVD!) and was kind enough to pose for pics with me and my friend Colleen. 



  1. I love your outfit!! It's gorgeous! I really want to see Austenland. :)

  2. I am so excited about this movie, cannot wait until it comes out! It also comes out around the same time as the Regency Ball over here, so I will be dressing up for that! I am very excited but we have yet to make our costumes!

    I love your outfit! It looks fantastic!


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