Myth Masque Part 2: More Costumes

As promised here are more of the Myth Masque pics.

I got some pretty good ones while the sun was up but once it set the iphone wasn't really up to the task. You can see my entire set of photos on flickr here.

The ladies in black - me and my friend Kim me & kim 
One of the MCs
 Lion jumping through hoop and lion tamer with scratches on his cheek! liontamer 
Horned god and consort
The Myth Masque main hall
 main hall 
 Jenny the sea siren and Kim the 18th C lady jenny & kim Crazy fringed headdress
 the fringe 
 Cat gods
Stunning headdress
Random craziness
 Another crow, dragons and rainbow unicorn! dragons 
Butterfly girls 
Masked ladies

Fire and ice
 ice queen 
 Kim and Stefan
The Crows -Me and H


  1. These are truly amazing! I showed them to my friends and they were blown away! I hope to be able to attend such a lavish event myself someday!

    1. People really go all out in LA for these things, the Labyrinth of Jareth Ball is just as crazy-good costume-wise.


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