Another lovely day in the park wearing silly costumes

I almost didn't go given I'm leaving for a little camping trip with my boys tomorrow morning.  But the company and the weather were too fine to resist...I wore my old eyelet bustle gown, nothing new but also no panic, no worries, oh yeah!  Sometimes "this old thing" is the best!

There were lovely ladies

Handsome gents
There was food
And doggies
And naps
And silliness
 Untitled Untitled
It was fun! You can see more (crappy) iphone pics here.  ;)


  1. Hi Loren,
    I am looking for someone to recover a Spanish ivory handled parasol from the 1900's, pref here in LA. Any leads?
    Thank you,

    1. Karin Mckechnie does great work, you can contact her at


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