Myth Masque Part 1: Our Costumes

The only food full length shot of us! (Care of Stefan)
Myth Masque! Finally! 

I thought I'd split this up into two separate posts  So first here are our costumes, and I'll post pics of the other Myth-goers after this. 

We had grand plans to go up on the rooftop garden of our hotel and take tons of pictures before the event...but we were running late and that was the first thing to be jettisoned.  As a result we have some fine pics taken by my friend Kim's husband Stefan, and some crappy iphone ones I took.  :P

I ended up added even more feathers to the hat, so it's layer of ostrich and coque feathers and has a bit of a "tail" hanging down the back, this turned out to be a brilliant idea because the "tail" also helped keep the collar standing upright.  I also added a resin raven skull to the front of my hat to match the one my husband was wearing on a chain around his neck.  And I made a little standing secondary collar for my husband which we just pinned in. 

Being silly (care of Stefan)

You can see the skull on my hat pretty well here

Added bonus, Kim and I got our picture in the LA Weekly's slide show of the event, #32 here!


  1. *SQUEE!* This is beyond fabulous! There is so much creativity in these outfits, and I LOVE the way it all came together. It is creepy and beautiful at the same time. And you are a total hottie in these pics - your waist looks so tiny in that second one! :)

  2. Thank you! I need to tweak it a bit but I'll be wearing it as my Gala costume so you'll get to see it at coco!

  3. These are so marvellous! Like something out of a dream!

    1. Thank you! All the costumes at the event were so marvelous.


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