HSF#10 Literature Inspiriation - Anna Karenina

As soon as I heard that literature was one of the challenges for the HSF I knew exactly what my inspiration would be.  I've been trying hard recently to make my costumes do double duty - mixing and matching petticoats with different gowns in the 18th C, using the same jacket with a myriad of bustle gowns, etc. because one only has so much closet space!

So when I started on my "Black Bird" fancy dress costume I began thinking of it the same way, imagining what else I could pair with the pieces of the costume I was working on.  Almost immediately I thought of Anna Karenina since black is a color often associated with her.  In the book (and the movie versions) one of the most striking scenes is that of Anna dancing with Count Vronsky at the ball in her black ballgown.  And in the (far superior) 1997 Anna Karenina she wears a beautiful black outfit of fur at one point and at another a gorgeous black hat and veil.

1997 Anna Karenina - fur outfit
1997 Anna Karenina - hat with veil

The 2012 version also has Anna in black in many scenes.  While I'm not a fan of the new movie I do like this black hat and veil Anna wears! 

I think the "Black Bird"costume minus the feathered accessories would make a nice Anna ballgown look.  And paired with the black velvet jacket I revamped for the Edwardian Ball with a new black vestee, and a little black hat and veil it would be reminiscent of the Anna looks above. 

With Myth Masque coming up soon I probably won't have time to create this entire look in time for the HSF deadline but I DO need to finish the overskirt and bodice for the "Black Bird" and will hopefully at least have that in place by then.