Countdown for Myth Masque

I still have yet to finish our Myth Masque costumes and the event is less than 2 week away, eep!  I know I can do it but I'd like to do it in plenty of time, I hate doing minute costuming, it's just too stressful.  (Psst - here's a sneak peek of where things are at with my costume so far.)


We did manage to find H's mask today in the L.A. Garment district.  I'd bought mine there about a month ago but wanted to bring him with me to try it on in person along with the top hat he'll be wearing.   It was also abysmally hot downtown, which is par for the course, but really more than par given it's over 100 today! :P

My mask    and   his

So we found the mask then had a nice lunch in that my favorite Garment District lunch place, Market, highly recommend it if you're doing the Garm Dist tour at costume college, not the cheapest around but probably the best.