Mr. Selfridge

I'm really enjoying the new Masterpiece theater show, Mr. Selfridge.  I know it aired a while back but somehow I missed it so I'm catching up now.  It's pretty entertaining.  I seem to be one of the few people who actually likes Jeremy Piven, but even if you don't like him much you gotta admit he's pretty perfect as a brash American huckster.  The costumes are good and there are some truly magnificent hats on the show. 

I'm dreaming of ginormous hats and big hair now...


  1. I quite enjoyed it too! There seems to be a "love/hate" with it, but I'm in the "love." category. Some of the gowns are particularly gorgeous!

  2. I too am catching up. I just watched a couple episode this morning. The hats are great and I'm really liking the show as well!


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