Cotton Sari Regency frock

So, I've been CADDing all over the place lately.  In addition to finishing the "Bee" Vest I made my husband yesterday I also finished up another project the day before: a new Regency frock.  I'd bought a lovely sheer printed cotton sari from the Bohemian Belle who picked up a bunch of them on a recent trip to India.  I used a combination of draping and the Mode Bagatelle Regency Wardrobe pattern and this is what I ended up with.  I think it goes really well with the big honkin' "Bright Star" style hat I bought from Mela and I plan on making a bright red Spencer out of a small remnant of linen I have in the stash to tie the whole outfit together.  I know the bust looks a little wonky but I, uh, fill it out a bit better than this dress form does and there are a few threads yet to be snipped, but you get the idea.

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There were some tricky aspects to this project.  One was that the pattern of the paisley's only ran one direction so I had to use the fabric long ways if I wanted it to be right side up.  But since I'm 5'9 this would have made the skirt far too short.  Luckily I'd taken a class Mela had taught for the Costumer's Guild West on making Regency Gowns out of saris and I knew that the answer was to cut the border off the top and add that to the bottom, I did this for nearly the entire length of the sari, save for a small bit I saved for the bodice and sleeve patterns and actually ended up with a triple hem decoration as you can see below.  This created both a wider hem decoration and added length.  The design at the end of the sari I cut apart to make the trim for the sleeve hems, under bodice and neckline.  When I was finished I literally had a tiny handful of fabric left - super efficient!
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  1. I absolutely LOVE the triple hem design!!! Never thought of that! and I LOVE the insert in the front bodice!! Great job!!


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