Huntington Exhibit:A Strange and Fearful Interest

I recently saw the Huntington Gardens and Library Exhibit:A Strange and Fearful Interest: Death, Mourning, and Memory in the American Civil War.  Sadly it's over now but I had a lovely time meeting up with other members of the Costume Society of America to see it and thought you might be interested in some of the photos I took.  Unfortunately I'm having a hard time resizing these photos so you'll have to go to my flickr account here to see them.  FYI for the squeamish - there are one or two photos of dead civil war era soldiers and horses in the set.

One thing that was kind of cool was the store had repro's of the memorial pins that were common after Lincoln was shot (there's one in my flickr set) for $2.99 so even though civ war is not my favorite era to costume I HAD to buy one!