My Irene Adler gown

I still have tons of pics to edit before I get to uploading all them all from Costume College but I thought you might like to see a few of the Irene Adler gown from the original Sherlock Homes movie in the meantime.  I was sort of unenthused about it when I finished it but I changed my mind once I had it on - it was SUCH fun to wear!  I didn't end up styling the wig that went with it in time, so I just styled my own hair in similar curls.  The hat was purchased in San Francisco in the early 90s when there was a "granny" fashion craze going on.  I just trimmed it with more blooms to match Irene's hat.  I never did make the wrap but it was so warm I wouldn't have wanted to wear it anyway.

The bodice and skirt are both Truly Victorian patterns, the shirt it TV261-R and the bodice is a modified version of TV460.



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