A friend came over last night to do some sewing and so I finished sewing on the hooks and bars for the eyelet gown AND the Sherlock Homes one - woo hoo!  I also retrimmed a hat and added lace to a parasol I'd covered a while back to go with the eyelet bustle.  For the Homes gown I'm using a hat I'd bought back in the 90s that a retrimmed to match the movie gown.  Here's some sneak peeks...

Eyelet Bustle gown - cotton eyelet from JoAnns (of all places) lined in cotton with cotton lace from the FIDM store ($4 for 20 yards!!) and velvet ribbon trim from M&J Trimming - ALL from the stash!  Oh and my great grandmother's cameo.  :)



The "Irene Adler" gown from the first Sherlock Homes movie - out of pink silk faille with Czech glass buttons, also all from the stash!
My gown  and the movie gown (which I think was satin but I much prefer my faille.  :)
Since I'm nearly done with coco sewing I'm considering making the wrap that goes with this gown after all:

And maybe making a new petticoat to go with the 18th C gown I'm planning on wearing on Friday during the day.  I got more of this ages ago with the idea towards making a matching petticoat and somehow I'm in the mood to wear this again so why not with a new petti to make it feel like a new outfit?



  1. Wow very nice! I am thinking to make Irene's dress for my major textiles project. Did you use a pattern?

    (could you write back to me on my blog)


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