More Les Mis

I went with my dad to see Les Miserables yesterday. While my dad is an old Les Mis fan from way back - he literally saw opening night in London and has seen in 3 times since then, I was a total neophyte having never seen any version nor read the book. You'd think I would have known it was going to be a cry-fest given the name (Dad says the Brits call it "The Glums") but I was woefully unprepared. I thought it wonderfully good but pretty much cried through the whole thing.  Whew!  :P

 But what about the costumes? They were really quite good, while slightly fanciful they kept with the lines of the various times that the story took place in. Very many wonderful men's costumes and some lovely women's ones too, mostly on Cosette. One of Cosette's gowns that didn't get much screen time had a very familiar pattern to me, something I'm sure I'd seen before for certain. You can see which one I mean here.  It looks very similar to some Waverly prints I've seen. Anyway, it's made me dream of making some dashing revolutionary costume for me or my boys...don't the students look fine?