Upcoming Costume Movies

In addition to the Hobbit and Unexpected Journey (12/14/12) and Les Misérables (12/25/12) there are a few other costume movies coming down the pike that people might be interested in.

There's been some press about Anna Karenina (11/16/2012) but seeing this extended preview a while back dampened my excitement about it considerably. From what little I've seen I much prefer the 1997 version with Sean Bean and Sophie Marceau.

Blancanieves (Sept 2012) is a Spanish version of the Snow White story set in 1920s Sevilles and centered on a female bullfighter. Look for this one in your local art houses, it's the Spanish nomination for the Academy award.

The summary for Mariah Mundi and the Midas Box (2013) sounds like what I THOUGHT Hugo might be - a wonderful Victorian adventure for kids a la Sherlock Homes.

And for those looking for something a little more modern we've got Hitchcock (11/1/12)  From the previews I've seen we've got a lot of great late 50s early 60s looks on all Hitch's leading ladies.