My friend Alyxx came over last night to sew so I actually got some work done on the curtain gown - yay!  I did what I usually do and used the Period Impressions Polonaise pattern as my 18th C body block and modified it to have back pieces similar to this gown in the V& A's collection and in the book Fashion in Detail. 

 I cut the skirts separate from the bodice and made them longer in the back to go over the bumroll and have a slight train effect.  I need to attach to bodice to the skirts (they are just pinned now) and sleeves to the bodice and do the hooks and bars down the front then I am done!

One of the nice things I discovered is that 2 curtain panels are enough fabric to eek out a gown with elbow length sleeves AND have enough fabric left over for a jacket.

I don't think this would work without a lot of piecing for someone larger than me (I'm 5'9 and about a size 14 in sewing patterns, 10/12 in off the rack) but I thought those of you joining the curtain-a-long might like to know this.


  1. Splendid! This is so beautiful. I found that there was plenty in 2 panels for a gown, too, even to leave the skirt quite long. It's good to know for future curtains that might call to us :-)


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