Buzz, buzz around

When I'm stuck I work on something new!  So while I didn't do anything more on the Chinese Bustle I did start on one of the other CADD projects I've had buzzing around the back of my brain.  You know picture of the "wasp" Victorian fancy dress costume?  It's in the Holt Fancy Dress book and one of my other costume books has a photo of someone's version of it in there somewhere...

Anyway, I've always loved this costume and wanted to do my own version of it but more of a bee than a wasp.  So I have the Fancy Dress basic underskirt that I made for the Harlequin last year and I've got some black silk taffeta (care of Home Fabric's $5/yd bolt ends) and a wee bit of yellow silk see where this is headed right?

And I've also got some really cool vintage hat veiling with bee-like dots on it.
I think I may just have the makings of something rather sweet here!   ;)


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