The 4 day Anglaise a la Polonaise

So I had one of those 11th hour urges to make a new dress for an 18th century event I was going to - despite having many options in the closet.  But I'd bought some lovely printed silk shantung when Hallie of the golden scissors was de-stashing that I really wanted to use.  And so I got out my trusty 18th C body block (a modified version of the period impressions polonaise) and whipped this out.  Ikinda can't believe I decided to do something so last minute but it's done!  Here's picture proof (with the standard caveats that it fits me a hell of a lot better than my non-stays wearing dressform.)

I pinked, fray-checked and pleated celery green silk taffeta as trim for the neckline and sleeve cuffs and pinked and fray-checked the self fabric flounce on the bottom of the petticoat.  The pinking was done with a pair of Fiscars scalloped pinking shears for fabric, sadly not made anymore.  I made fabric rosettes which I pinned to the back to the gown where it was polonaised  up. 

The hat is a blank straw form I for from Fort Frederick Market Faire several years ago that I trimmed to to with an aqua dress but since it's got peach and green trim as well I thought it went well with this ensemble too.  I also wore a wig I'd styled and powdered and a pale pink pearl necklace and earrings that I got in LA's Chinatown.


  1. You look lovely of course. :-) And four days? That's plenty of time. ;-)

    1. Sometimes it is and other times, not so much! ;)


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