Regency Open Robe

I've always loved the more eastern influenced Regency looks, like the ones in the movies Immortal Beloved and Vanity Fair, so much more fun than yet another boring white "nightgown" dress, IMHO.  So when I decided I wanted to make a new open robe to cover my, um, boring old white "nightgown" dress, I wanted to go exotic.  This fabric was originally ordered for a Polonaise but once I got it seemed a little more Regency than Georgian and it also had a much softer hand than I'd anticipated, so Regency it is.  The front under vest part is a remnant from my "Water" Victorian fancy dress costume that was in the stash, and the trims are all on-sale trims bought from Jo Anns ages ago.  I'm already starting to think of this as my Regency Belly Dance Costume - LOL!

I was having some trouble with it for a while but after sleeping on it a few nights and re-doing the pleats in the front I think I've got it.  I'm making this pretty differently from how I often make things.  I made the lining/front vest part all first then started draping and stitching down the outside to the lining.  I've only gotten one side draped so far, the other is cut out to the right shape but that's it.  This is another all stash project.  

And I'm using the Patterns of Fashion Regency Open Robe scaled pattern as my base for this:


  1. That's gorgeous! I love how the stripes line up for perfectly with the pleats. What a pretty effect!


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