CADD strikes again!

So with my redingote about 2/3 of the way done what did I up and go and do last night but start another project!  A Regency open robe to go over my pretty but boring plain white regency dress.  I got a bucket load of really cool silk shantung a while back.  The orginal plan had been a polonaise with matching petticoat but once it arrived it was so slippery and soft and the pattern seemed a bit later to me, so it's going to be an over gown.  I'm using the Janet Arnold pattern (p. 45)  which I used before for my "Immortal Beloved" orange sari-esque open gown.  Of course I can't find the pattern I made so I had to draft a new one (insert big eyeball roll here) but that proved to not be so bad.  The bodice and skirts are just draped on the lining so all I really needed to do was the lining, which is now done, and then start draping.

Today is kinda busy but I'm hoping tonight/tomorrow I can finish the redingote and then move on the draping the Regency.   Here's the fabric:

And a shot of the back of the redingote (it's not wrinkled on me, I'm hella long waisted but my dummy is not)