Homes dress

Worked a bunch on the Homes Dress today.  The bodice is nearly done, still need to finish the facing and do the front fastening.  And I've got one sleeve almost finished.   But I've got to go to the fabric store before I can finish up the bodice since I really don't have the right buttons.  I've got some great black Victorian buttons but I'd had to use the originals on a pseudo-Victorian movie costume, ya know?  I used my perfect pleater to make the pleated trim on the collar and cuffs and that turned out very well.  I was lazy and just made knife pleats instead of the box pleats used in the movie.  Actually, I take it back, it's not all laziness, I tried both but found I liked the way the knife pleats looked better despite it not being accurate.

C'est la vie.  I find I'm more concerned with things being the way I want them to be than accuracy these days.  The roses I bought at Michaels look far better than my original arrangement on the hat so I'll be adding those to the band of black flowers I already had.  Then once the dress is done it's onto the dolman.

I've got a some good leads on the dolman, I think a frankenpattern will work but, unlike the TV bodice which I'd made several times before and therefore didn't need it, I'll need to make a muslin before I can get cracking on it.  And I still need to find the fabric.
Huh.  I just checked out the video again to get a handle on what was going on with the doleman and it's actually much more fitted than I thought, really more of a long fitted coat with no back to let the bustle poke out.  Kinda nice for me because I think that's a lot more flattering!