Scores from the Fabric District/FIDM

I forgot to add I got some pretty good scores while downtown today.  I stopped by Home Fabrics before going over to FIDM just to check to $5/yd silk bolt ends and scored this lovely deep wine gold painted silk.  There's only about 4 yards of it and it's a bit of an odd design but my first thought was maybe a Banyan for my husband.  Even if not totally correct I think it would look pretty awesome.  I also scored the EXACT fabric for Michelle Pfeiffer's Lamia costume from Stardust which I started the skirt for a while back.  I was pretty psyched to see this as I've been looking for it for a while.

Then I headed over to FIDM.  The FIDM scholarship store is always worth a look if you're in the area.  All the fabric is $2 a yard and trim is a steal too with bolts of trim going from $2-$6  for the whole BOLT.  There were a bunch of fine 95% cotton, 5% nylon laces there with very nice soft hands in a variety of widths. So I bought a bunch of them.  And I think given the high cotton content they may dye pretty well.  The wide one I am especially happy about, it was the most expensive at  $6 for the entire 33 YARDS!   I think you'll be seeing this on a lot of my dresses!