Plans shmans

Yes, all those high hopes for catching up on this blog during spring break didn't come to pass. Family plans sort of took over.  And in addition, continuing my trend for the year, my CADD is in rare high form, which makes it more than a bit hard to focus on plans. But I'm still getting things done and that's what counts!

So when some pretty white-with-black-dots swiss dot caught my eye at Joanns the other day, and was only $3 per yard with my coupon, I jumped on it and bought 10 yards! I have a black and white tea coming up in a few weeks and thought another light and fluffy Buccaneers style bustle gown would be fun to wear to it. And thus the black and white polka dot bustle was born! While I've broken my fabric diet all the trim and linings are coming from the stash. I have a huge spool of gathered black lace I got at a while back that I think looks wonderful on top of the gathered white eyelet I got when the Pasadena Joann's closed.

I have a muslin for the bodice cut out but not yet sewn up.  My plan (ha ha) is to do a modified version of the vest basque Truly Victorian pattern in the polkadot with a white vest and collar and polkadot sleeves from the TV Polonaise pattern with floofy ruffles underneath.

Best of all I've got this wonderful black with white polka-dotted vintage ribbon I got years ago at the DC Big Flea.  I think it will be so fun to have a few bows of this ribbon trimming the gown!