Dotty Bustle - Finished! (sort of)

Finished enough to wear to the Black and White tea anyway!  Embarrassingly enough there were still some pins stuck in it - I haven't been this last minute for a costume in a while!  But it was done enough to wear and hopefully some of the safety pins and just-tacked-on stuff will be resolved by the time I wear it again at Costume College.  I'm thinking the ice cream social might be a fun place to wear such a floofy dress...I also never did get my hat to work how I wanted it to, so I added some white ribbons and feathers  to a black little perchy hat I got at H & M this past winter.

Everyone looked wonderful at the tea!  There were many gorgeous 1900s-19teens things and even a few other black and white bustle gowns!  You can see all the lovely ladies here.


  1. You look gorgeous as always! That hat was a great find. I've never even thought about looking at H&M.

  2. Thank you! H & M often has great costume accessories. Nearly all the artificial flowers I use in my 18th C hairstyles are from them.


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