Eyelet Bustle progress

So I managed to make a bit of progress on the eyelet bustle gown today, boring lining progress, but progress all the same! Although I'd been planning on making it a very light gown I did need to both interline and line it, in part so that my black Victorian corset didn't show through!

I decided that I'm going to use the wine colored velvet ribbon I have in my stash to trim it. I don't have any other projects I'd planned to use it with, I think it looks pretty with the ivory colored eyelet, and I'm all about decreasing the stash! So I'll trim the neckline and sleeve openings with the narrow ribbon and use the wide one on the skirt.

I've got a rather clever plan - since the eyelet underskirt will also be used with the blue and white "Casino" gown in the fashion plate on the left, I didn't want to add the wine velvet trim to the under  skirt in case it showed. But I have just enough eyelet to make a front apron drape for the eyelet version.  So for the eyelet version I'm going to attach the front apron front to the underskirt at the waistband and sides and cover the join with draped bows of the wide velvet ribbon -  and given the underskirt has a built-in bustle I think it will work!

I'm going to make shortish sleeves, just below the elbow, to keep it cool, and have a v-neck filled in with a standing ruffle of eyelet trim.  It's only pinned together at the moment but I like it so far...


  1. It's really coming along beautifully! As much as I adored the idea of cherry trim, I have to admit, the wine looks fabulous.

  2. Thanks! I'm pretty happy with how the colors look together.


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