Costume Year in Review

My most ambitious costume of the year, maybe ever!
It's always interesting to look back at the years and see what I actually got done costume-wise.

It seemed like I didn't make as much in 2015 as some years but I finished one very long and complicated project (the Game of Thrones dress to the right) and I'm pretty happy with what I've accomplished for the year.

The first costume of the year was this 18th C men’s banyan for my husband.


I made a green silk Regency gown, an open robe and garters for my Lost Hope fairy costume.

I made an 18th C floral print gown and petticoat.

The Purple Effie Trinket costume from The Hunger Games which consisted of a Jacket, Skirt, corsage and hat (with my Capitol City partner in crime - Jenny-Rose)

I finally finished this year's magnum opus - my hand-embroidered, hand-beaded reproduction of Cersei's Blue Birds gown from Game of Thrones -- complete with hand-painted fabric!  It took forever to make - I started painting the paisley fabric in April of 2014 and embroidering the first bird in October of 2014!  The whole gown was finally finished in mid-July of 2015.  And I made garters to match!

Then I started working on my Georgiana Fox outfit and made hat, garters, under-petticoat, riding habit shirt and waistcoat.

For my kid's Halloween costume I made a repro of Link’s shield from the Legend of Zelda

At the last minute I made a Victorian bustle ballgown in homage to the one in Daniel Deronda 

I've got a few other costumes in the partially finished state but they will have to wait for 2016!


  1. Brava! I'm tired just looking at this. So many beauties, WOW!

  2. Love your creations. The Lost Hope Fairy is my favorite!

    1. Thanks! It was a really fun costume to put together.

  3. Hey sweetie,
    I have been kicked off Facebook as a fake (:() email me at so we can co ordinate for the Jane Austen day xo xo Dan'a

  4. Whoohoo!! You were busy this year! I am still loving the fox is my favorite followed by the bird embroidery landing dress! You do such a wonderful job with the intricate details!! Can't wait for 2016!


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