The HSF: Challenge #5: Peasants and Pioneers - spencer a la hussar

I'm not really a peasant kind of girl so this was a hard challenge for me.  But I had wanted to make a spencer to go with my new regency gown...and the red linen I had in the stash was the only thing the right color...and what could be more peasant-y than linen right?  ;)   I liked the look of the hussar-inspired spencers and pelisses I found online and I thought that would work with the other things I had in the stash.  So I went that direction with it, and had some fun researching the hussar influence on ladies' fashion.  And there is a history of upper classes taking inspiration from the common man, think of a la Marie Antoinette's Hameau.  So while I grant that it's a bit of a stretch, there is somewhat of a link between the common soldier and a lady's spencer.

And here's what I came up with:

 spencer2spencer 1

(Any opinions on the back trim?  With loopy motifs or without?)


 The Challenge: Challenge #5: Peasants and Pioneers
Fabric: Red linen, black satin scraps for piping, and off-white dupioni for the lining.
Pattern: The Mode Bagatelle Spencer pattern
Year: 1800-1810
Notions:  6 frogs, 2 appliques for sleeve decoration (4 if I add two more to the back) thread, piping made from the black satin, and plastic boning for stand up collar.
How historically accurate is it?  Somewhat as far as the lines and fabric but the machine sewing and plastic boning put this in the realm of looking but not being accurate.
Hours to complete:  Hard to say since I tend to work on multiple projects at once, maybe 12 hours?
First worn: Not yet!
Total cost: All stash - so kinda free!


  1. I'm not a regency kind of gal, but your recent posts have made me feel like maybe one I day I should try it :)
    Beautiful spencer and it really works prefect with the sari dress!

  2. Aw thanks! Regency really isn't my favorite era either but I've some to like some of the more tailored styles of the era. The "bad girls" in the Jane Austen movies generally tend to wear the sorts of things I like. ;)

  3. I adore you Hussar spencer, red and black work so well together.

    1. Thank you! I went with what I had in the stash and was just lucky enough it worked well together.

  4. Aha, I guess I really should look up what the "bad regency girls" wear ;)
    I think that the slightly angelic and neatness feel of the regency that has put me off from it before. (And the fact that my busty, curvy body frame have a tendency to make me look like a really hefty greek column instead of a slender one ;) )


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