Edwardian Ball LA 2013


Had a wonderful time as usual.  Our revamped outfits were a hit, we got to see some friends, the ball was full but not so crowded as to feel uncomfortable and we danced and people-watched and just enjoyed the craziness.  I didn't get many good pics with my iphone - the flash was too bright and without was too dark but here's what I have and once the official photographer posts his I'll put those up too.

Waiting in line  And the performers in the entryway
 in lineeb3
More performers, they were like statues .   A stiltwalker eb2eb
The main stage from below      and from the balcony
 A cool dude in stripes on the roof.    The rooftop DJ.
My friends Jake and Veronica.  Jake was cracking everyone up selling moustaches! j&Vjake
They had Gorey-esque illustrations all around.  We had fun.  :)
 oh heavensme&h


  1. Well that outfit is just perfection! Can I borrow it? :P I love the white dresses too! I wish the light wasn't so bright so I could see the details better!


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