Historical Sew Fortnightly #4: Embellish - Velvet Bustle Era Jacket

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The Challenge:#4 Embellish - For this challenge I retrimmed an old favorite.

Fabric: Cotton velvet with applied trim of pleated velvet ribbon, pleated sheer ribbon, beaded appliques and passementerie all in black and a new vestee in black and mustard stripes with decorative glass buttons.

Pattern: A Truly Victorian pattern no longer in production

Year: 1870s

Notions: the above trims, fabric and buttons and thread.
How historically accurate is it? Synthetics were used so no very
Hours to complete: Again hard to say, I've working on this whole outfit off and on since late January.

First worn: to the Edwardian Ball LA February 23, 2013.  Click on the link to see photos of me in it at the ball.

Total cost: Hard to say, these were all items in the stash save for the fabric which was a remnant from another project.

Here are a few in progress posts on it:
Starting on retrimming the jacket.
What the jacket looked like before.

sleeve and bodice front bottom detail