Market Hat Pattern is totally rad!

Totally rad!
We interrupt your regularly scheduled Costume College post to bring you news of my actually having made something new!

So I brought a few hand-sewing projects with me on our little family beach vacation, in the hopes of getting a little something done in between making sand castles and boogie boarding.

A while back I participated in the Indiegogo for Undressing the Historical Lady and got PDFs of her early 19th century caps and her 18th century Market Hat pattern.  So before we left I grabbed a black silk remnant, some notions and the pattern and was good to go.  It's a great little pattern, easy to follow and simple to make,  and as you can see - it makes an awesome hat!  If you click the pattern link above you can get your very own copy on Etsy.

Now to see if I can some more done on the embroidered stomacher I brought...