Costume College - What I Wore Friday daytime: Rita Skeeter

When I heard Jen Thompson was wearing her Harry Potter Grey Lady gown on Friday I thought I'd reprise my old Rita Skeeter costume.  I didn't want to do the same green suit everyone has done, so I tried to repro her outfit from the Goblet of Fire.  The skirt is just a leather skirt from by closet, as are the boots.  The jacket is a thrifted suede jacket I dyed, altered and added the snakeskin details too.   And the wig is just a basic long curly wig with the curls pinned up.  It was really easy and cheap to put together as a result, but I really like this costume.  Rita is fun to cosplay, it's comfy and I can wear my glasses!!  

You don't see it in these pics but the best part of this costume is the accessory my husband made for me- a moving quick quotes quill!  Here's a little video I made of it in action.


  1. That moving quill was the best thing ever! Such an awesome and cool surprise. You looked GREAT in this outfit, too!

    1. Thanks Taylor! I'm so lucky to have a techy husband to make such fun props.

  2. That is AWESOME ! Fantastic outfits and accessory !

  3. Oh my stars! That quill is the best accessory imaginable!


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