Costume College - What I Wore Friday Night - Cersei Mourning

I knew there was a big Game of Thrones group coming to the Friday Night social and I really wanted to join in, but my birds gown was kind of my magnum opus this year, and I wanted to wear it to the Gala.  What to do?  Trot out my Cersei mourning gown from last year!

I already blogged about this dress at last year's ice cream social, so I won't go into too much detail but I did enjoy wearing it again, it's very comfortable (modern undies for the win!) and drapey and flattering.  And a lot of people hadn't see my lion embroidery so it was fun to show that off again.

I only took a few iphone pics but as you can see I had a great time posing and hamming it up with the other GoT folks.