This post brought to you by your friendly neighborhood fabric enabler...

In other words, there's a sale on boys and girls!  Fashion Fabrics Club has a bunch of different cotton fabrics on sale from now until tax day, April 15th. The category that caught my eye most was the cotton lawns  - $4.45 per yard or less.  I saw quite a few I thought costumers might like should they have a Regency dress, summer bustle, sheer 1860s gown or 1920s day dress in mind.

Here are a few of my favorites:
An ivory voile perfect for the Gatsby Picnic frock.

A pale apricot lawn perfect for your repro of the Duchess of Polignac's chemise dress from the Marie Antoinette movie

A white with turquoise stripe that would make a great summer bustle gown a la the Buccaneers

Or how about this lovely pink lawn with a metallic gold stripe for a Regency gown?