Historical Sew Fortnightly #7 Accessorize: Sabretache-Inspired Reticule

 After looking at all those lovely hussar costumes while I was making the red linen Spencer I decided I really needed a sabretache-inspired reticule to go with it.   I tried to emulate some of the features I've seen in both sabretaches and reticules the era, such as a heavily embroidered central motif and a central point tassel.

The Challenge: #7 Accessorize

Fabric: Black cotton velvet scrap and black silk satin scrap

Pattern: I used a print out of this sabretache that I found on the military website swordforum.com as the pattern for my reticule although I adjusted the size a bit and added a drawstring at the top.

Year: Approx 1800

Notions: black and gold piping, white and gold cording for the drawstrings, two beaded fleur-des-lis appliques from Heritage Trading and a beaded tassel from my friend Jenny-Rose (thanks again Jenny-Rose!)

How historically accurate is it? It's plausible, but not a copy of any extant reticule I've seen.

Hours to complete: Not long, a few hours?   I really don't keep track of these things!  :P

First worn: Not yet!

Total cost:  Another all stash project!


  1. Right back at ya! (And obviously I don't expect you to do this again!)


  2. It's pretty. Can I borrow your idea, please? :O I have some velvet remnants that would work great for this... I love the shape of this reticule.


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