Spanish seaside bustle gowns

It sounds like a number of my friends working on "summer" bustle gowns at the moment so in the interest of spurring creativity and adding fuel to the fire I thought I'd post a few Spanish fashion plates you may not have seen. I've actually got all 4 books in the series of Spanish bustle era fashion plate reprints. There are a lot of wonderful gowns in these books but two of my top favorites are seaside costumes. This one is from 'La Moda Elegante - La Sombrilla" The text is all in Spanish (what little there is of it) but "La Sombrilla" means "the umbrella" - so I'm thinking maybe it's the 19th C equivalent of resort wear?

One of the other volumes is "La Moda Elegante - La Elegancia" or "the elegance" and is generally fancier gowns but it too has a wonderful seaside costume, the one below.

The other two volumes, in case you're wondering, are of wedding gowns and fancy dress costumes. All of them are pretty slender, with almost no text but are large format (the size of Janet Arnold's books) with beautiful clear illustrations.


  1. Hello!

    The sombrilla book has specially clothes to to go to the beach and for bathing places like Bath (in Spain the high class went to Biarritz where were the Queen).

    Kindly regards from Spain


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