Seaside Bustle Gown

This was a stash-only project using cotton I got years ago from the Calico Corners outlet store in Lancaster, PA, and velvet ribbons from M&J Trimming in New York and pleated eyelet trim from the JoAnns in Pasadena that just closed.

I wanted something fairly quick and easy without a lot of fussing with fitting a slew of muslins so I used Truly Victorian's 201 underskirt, 305 bustled apron overskirt and 400 1971 day bodice.

While the ruffles were time consuming it all went together pretty smoothly an and I like how it turned out!

The hat was a wide brimmed number with sparkly flowers hot glued to it that I got from a thrift store. I removed the trim, cut and re-shaped the crown and had actually remade it to be an 18th C style. But I'd never finished it so when this project came along and needed a white straw I thought I'd re-purpose it once again. I cut down the brim and reshaped it and added all the trim.