Sleeve ruffles

A while back I bought some very nice laces from a UK based seller on ebay named Authenticlace . I was rooting around my stash the other day and rediscovered them and, since it was a nice day and I wanted a small project to hand sew outside, I decided to make some sleeve ruffles to use with my 18th C gowns.

I used a trick from Jean Hunnisett and cut the un-scalloped edge of the lace out in the shape of a bell curve so that when I pleated it up I'd have a nice graduated flounce. Then I bound the raw edge with bias tape. I'll just whip stitch the flounces onto my gowns when I want to use them.

I made the narrow ones for less fancy gowns and and a wide pair for use with a sac gown I've got planned. It turns out they also make great lace caps for cats. Poor long suffering kitty!