I've been steadily working on my embroidery for Cersei and have nearly finished 4 birds now.  There are 5 total - 2 on each sleeve (high and low, asymmetrical) and one CB.


I think I may actually end up making 6 birds and just use my favorites of the bunch, and maybe make a purse or pocket for myself with the left over one. They are all a bit different, which I actually like, it gives them more personality.  Some have slightly differently shaped wings, and different markings but they are all obviously the same type of bird.

I worked the most recent bird quite differently from the rest.  First of all I appliqued gold Italian mesh over the whole thing, instead of metallic aqua I'd been using, I thought that would give it a slightly warmer feel.  Then I used large, zigzagging embroidery stitches to color block large spaces with a background color.  Then I've done single thread stitching over the top.

You can see that I've just started to do this on the left wing and have blocked in the right but only barely started on the details on that wing.   I think this gives it a finer look but also makes it a little richer by having more variation on color. I also went back over the earlier birds and added a few little stitches of orange right next to where the feather is to blend it better with the rest of the bird's breast.



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