Bits and Bobs

* Information on what average people wore is always less common than that of the rich and famous.   How wonderful for us then that Isis' Wardrobe has mined the songs Carl Michael Bellman wrote about average Swedes in the 18th Century for his descriptions of costume.  As an added bonus she has helpfully included photos of extant garments similar to those described.

* Wear When Why has another post up on the amazing beetle wing embroidered gown she's been working on.  This post includes background on historical goldwork/beetle wing embroidery as well as some pictures of her embroidery in progress, so inspiring!

* If you've ever dreamed of a Victorian wedding you will enjoy reading about the making of  A Damsel In This Dress' gorgeous bustle era wedding gown, complete with all the underpinnings and a separate evening bodice.  So lovely!  Part 1 is in the first link and she now has part 2 up here.

Silk Damask features a great piece on 18th Century "bizarre" silks complete with some rather stunning examples of this flashy fabric up on her blog.

* Have you ever wondered how some costume bloggers manage to get such wonderful portraits of themselves?  I suspect that Paper Mothball Vintage's article on "How to take self-portraits" will help.

* The Closet Historian has a great article with a myriad of beautiful photos on Ivory and French Ivory Hair Combs.  The Art Nouveau curves on the Egyptian Revival comb made me swoon!