Historical Sew Fortnightly #14 - Paisley and Plaid - 18th C-ish Turkish Entari

Wow, it's been a while since I've blogged here, sorry about that, I've been in Costume College frenzy more!  But here's one entry for you at least.

Ever since Kendra posted pictures of her 18th Century Turkish ensemble I've coveted one for myself.  Costume College was coming up and I had wanted another lounging outfit so after getting a bunch of advice from Kendra I bit the bullet and made one. I'm not sure I would have tackled this without Kendra's help.  You can see her resources and her ensemble on her Turkish Ensemble page here.  Thanks again Kendra!

The entari coat is made out of some paisley cotton Pottery Barn sheets I got on close out years ago  - with the express purpose of making a costume with them!  I just loved the block printed design so much.  The trim is a turquoise velvet ribbon I've had in my stash for years that I got when a little boutique fabric store was going out of business, and the buttons I got at costume college. 

I wanted it to be cool since I knew I'd be lounging around outside in LA in the summertime so I didn't line it. 

I used the Folkwear Turkish Dancer pattern as my base but added gores at the sides and center back and altered the bodice.  I also changed the neckline and sleeves. 

For the gomlek under blouse I used a diagonally striped white batiste and the Atira's Fashions pattern for "Bahiga's Blouse"  which I altered to have wider and more flowing sleeves.  And I used a remnant from my striped seaside bustle dress and the Folkwear Sarouelles Pattern for my trousers which you may not be able to see in these pics. 

The Challenge: #14 Paisley and Plaid
Fabric: Printed Cotton
Pattern: See above
Year:  Mid 1700s
Notions: Thread, Silver buttons, turqouise velvet ribbon
How historically accurate is it? Not very.  It's all machine sewn and my pattern is probably not accurate!
Hours to complete: a few days
First worn: Will wear on this Sunday at Costume College
Total cost: Not sure, this was an all stash project


  1. Oh, that seems so decadent, yet still comfortable. I was just unpacking and lamenting the lack of something so easy (to wear), and yet fun and comfortable for the day time. This seems like the perfect Sunday lounge wear. And such great color, too.

    1. It was really wonderful to wear. As comfy as sweat pants yet flowing and graceful. I love it!


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